It was finals week of my senior year at Portland State University and I was putting together a final paper then BOOM! my computer crashed...or so I thought. I don't remember much more than frantically calling Matt, him guiding me through the process of remote access, and then him giving me the green light to pick up where I had left off. Matt is a lifesaver. I wholeheartedly recommend him to you...preferably for preventative maintenance so you're not confronted with a panic attack like I was, but he can handle it all.

I have worked with Matt on several occasions and each time he has been professional and very down-to-earth, not talking over me in fancy computer jargon and not overcharging based on my technical incompetence. Matt is a true professional and I wholeheartedly recommend him to you.



Mr. Carter accomplished the requested services in a very professional manner. He was thorough, provided services and expertise of that expected and has conducted follow up services to make sure that I, as a customer, am very satisfied with the end result.

Mr. Carter is a person of high moral standards, trustworthy, prompt and professional.

I will choose Matt Carter's services in the future and can recommend him to any and all who may be future customers.